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Gratitude Transportation Services

Kansas City Area & Overland Park

Private Ground Transportation Services

Gratitude Transportation can handle the transportation needs of any individual or group. We offer flexible services to meet a variety of needs, and we can tailor our operations to suit you. Our fleet is available 24/7 to get you to your destination in comfort.


Gratitude Transportation offers dependable, first-class private transportation services. We take pride in driving you throughout the Kansas City Metro area and further at an affordable hourly rate. Don’t pay other car services per mile and risk being in a car with a driver that you can’t trust. Gratitude Transportation screens and trains all of our drivers to ensure courteous service, dependable travel, and safe driving. Whether you simply need a ride to an office downtown or if you’re looking to get across the state, we can help.


Kansas City is home to a seemingly limitless number of events, sporting and otherwise. At Gratitude Transportation we can help you make it to any event on time, whether it’s a wedding, a conference, a game, or concert, even in the midst of a crowd. We help you deal with the logistics of travel in a flexible, professional, and reliable manner. All you have to do is schedule your reservation and we’ll do the rest.